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Automatic Hair Suction Six-in-one Folding Multifunctional Converter Hair Dryer

Automatic Hair Suction Six-in-one Folding Multifunctional Converter Hair Dryer

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Multifunctional Hair Dryer

Introducing the revolutionary Automatic Hair Suction multifunctional converter hair dryer, a game-changer in the world of hair styling. Say goodbye to tangled cords and tedious styling routines with this innovative device that combines the power of a hair dryer with the convenience of automatic suction technology. Designed to streamline your morning routine, this multifunctional converter effortlessly dries and styles your hair in one swift motion.

Experience the ultimate convenience and efficiency as the hair dryer's powerful airflow gently dries your hair while the automatic suction feature effortlessly lifts and styles your locks. With this versatile tool, you can achieve salon-worthy results in the comfort of your own home, saving you time and hassle. The ergonomic design and lightweight construction make it easy to maneuver, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable styling experience.

Transform your hair styling routine with the Automatic Hair Suction multifunctional converter hair dryer and unleash your creativity with ease. Whether you're looking to achieve voluminous curls, sleek straight strands, or textured waves, this innovative device offers endless possibilities. Elevate your styling game and achieve flawless results every time with this cutting-edge hair tool that combines functionality, convenience, and style.

Product information:
Noise: 36-45dB (included)
Color: gold European standard, Gold British Standard 3, gold American Standard (missing protection) 14, Black Gold European standard, Black Gold British Standard 3, Black Gold (missing protection) 14
Motor type: brushed motor
Rated Voltage: 110.220
Additional features: high speed, alternating heating and air cooling
Rated Power: 1000
Shell material: PTC ABS
Temperature regulation: cold/hot air gear
Fan Speed Mode: 3 gears

Packing list: 
Hair dryer _ 1set
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